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Simple, Safe, and Secure.

Don't risk it...  Trokt it!

Trokt it!
trochd /trokt/ verb
[Scottish Gaelic]: negotiate 
modify contracts, record agreements, and track negotiation status

Trokt is a cloud-based platform that efficiently, accurately, and securely controls complex collaborations. From contract negotiation to collective bargaining, arbitration to mediation, issue tracking to grievance resolution, Trokt manages complex, multi-party collaborations in one easy to use platform so any participant can securely access and participate from anywhere at anytime using any device with all the relevant information directly at their fingertips.

How Trokt Helps

Have you ever called or texted someone to ask: "Is this the right version of the document?" Then you need Trokt.

Trokt is the world's leading cost-effective, cloud-based platform for sensitive, multi-party collaborations. Trokt secures all communication from any number of team members on any number of teams, replacing the confusion of texts, phone calls, and emails about multiple versions of illegible redlined documents.  

Our Services
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Trokt Platform

The Trokt Platform is AWS hosted, FISMA compliant, and fail-safe designed to protect your data from human vulnerabilities.


Trokt Tracker allows teams to submit issues or incidents related to documents held in the Trokt Platform.


Trokt Frames embeds Trokt documents in publicly accessible web pages to enable secure commenting using Trokt.

Who Trokt Helps

Complex collaborations should focus on the issues, not the paperwork.

Trokt helps groups with varying interests collaboratively develop legally binding agreements. From ensuring every special needs student is supported by a high quality individualized education program plan to streamlining constituent feedback, organizing city ordinance recodification to managing mediations around labor disputes, teams that need to eliminate human errors need Trokt. Trokt primarily supports users in the following verticals or the following organizations.  

Our Verticals
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Individualized Education

The learning environment for nearly 10M students per year is collaboratively modified through an IEP. See how Trokt helps.

State & Local Government

State and local governments need more engagement yet have less staff. See how Trokt multiplies their efforts.

Access to Justice

From labor to legal disputes, court costs deny many citizens justice. See how Trokt reduces the cost of complex disputes.

Trokt Pricing

Founded in 2013, our Trokt team is a world leader addressing the human element of collaboration security.

The old-fashioned method of conducting collaborations electronically is overwhelmingly inefficient – leading to rushed and under-informed decisions with high error rates. Trokt eliminates informational clutter by providing a simple, safe, and secure platform for a transparent and accessible price.

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