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Access to Justice

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Managing Agreements.

Trokt allows teams to save thousands of hours developing documents like:

  • collectively bargained contracts,

  • employment contracts,

  • human resources manuals, or

  • organizational polices.

Reporting Issues.

Any Trokt document can be linked to Trokt Tracker so employees can securely:

  • read any applicable section of any contract or agreement,

  • securely report an issue to every relevant individual through a web portal or phone app, and

  • work to develop either improvements for the agreement or an understanding that the issue needs external resolution.

Online Dispute Resolution.

Trokt is the only platform that can rapidly enable:

  • any dispute resolution structure - mediation, arbitration, MedArb, multi-neutral ODR, multi-party ODR - set up rapidly and securely,

  • structured or unstructured inputs to start a case, and

  • the elimination of all working documents that led to any resolution.

As our world moves online, our disputes are following. Trokt provides everyone secure, equitable access to justice in an online world.

Most conflicts do not go to court.

Many contracts are developed through collective bargaining, non-compliance issues go through a grievance process, breaches of contract often lead to arbitration, and many court cases cannot proceed until after an attempt at mediation. These processes are complex and time sensitive, all require the management of sensitive data, and many of these processes are moving online. 

Trokt is the leading platform for effectively, efficient, and securely managing these unstructured disputes online.

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