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Is tracking progress taking over your evenings?

Trokt is a one-stop shop for your IEP team to share, discuss, and store your most sensitive information, saving over an average of 3 hours per night.

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It Takes A Team

Supporting a student is a team effort. Yet the bigger the team, the harder it is to communicate. 

No matter the learning environment:

  • special needs,

  • job-based learning,

  • reintegration, or

  • gifted and talented


The constant flood of emails, texts, cloud docs, and phone calls between team members is inefficient and unsecured.

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Special needs student with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) plan have large support teams - teams that struggle to communicate through emails, texts, and calls.

Schools and states have systems that: 

  • manage IEP meeting schedules and notices,

  • store draft and final documents, and

  • track incident reports. 

However, the ongoing communication between teachers, parents, administrators, internal specialists, and outside specialists happens over an insecure collection of phone calls, emails, texts, documents, and paper notes. These methods over-burden teachers and result in privacy breaches.

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Trokt changes how the content of official documents or reports is developed.

Trokt reduces the effort needed for everyone who supports the student to communicate quickly while keeping sensitive data secure.

Trokt does NOT change how official documents or reports are stored.

How to Use Trokt

Trokt compliments the current IEP management and tracking tools used by schools and states. 

Trokt replaces the emails, texts, phone calls, documents, and paper reports with Trokt-based Action Plans, Journals, and Trokt Tracker. The outputs from these tools are then inputted into the current management and tracking tools.

Action Plans 

Trokt Action Plans extract from a 30 page IEP the vital focus areas:

  • Create a separate block for each accommodation,

  • Dynamically track and refine what works throughout each school year, and

  • Record and lock in improvements in preparation for the next IEP modification.

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Trokt replaces endless email strings with secure messaging:

  • Start a new block for each day or reporting period,

  • Any member of the team can contribute or clarify any element in the block or add to any Discussion, and

  • The agreed block holds all of the valuable, contextual data in one secure location.

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Incident Reporting

Trokt makes issue refinement better:

  • Select and read any block of an IEP Action Plan,

  • Submit a written description of an issue related to the selected block that notifies and includes all relevant team members, and

  • Clarify or resolve the issue in a new, secure Trokt document.

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