Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) and 504 Plans offer every student the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential. Meaningful IEP/504 plans require dynamic, ongoing collaboration, tracking, and accountability for each student in each class. Unfortunately, this does not currently happen, which is why parents, teachers, and administrators need Trokt.

Trokt empowers collaborative partnerships to help students succeed.

With Trokt, parents, advocates, or specialists can securely manage the sensitive communication around an IEP/504 by:

  1. Creating an action plan where each block is an accommodation or modification that is debated and agreed to by all parties. Siloing the communication around each accommodation or modification into its own block allows for both the efficient use of specialists and transparency across all aspects of the student’s IEP/504.
  2. Tracking what happens each day in a block-by-block log that all interested parties can interact with on a daily basis. These daily logs replace the tens of email threads keeping teachers and parents up late at night following an already long day.
  3. Reporting incidents or issues that warrant immediate attention through Trokt tracker, ensuring everyone is immediately informed and a resolution can be securely mediated without an emergency meeting that many parents cannot attend without financial hardship.


Family, instructors, and administrators can then easily collect actionable data, allowing:

  1. Any involved party to read any aspect of an IEP/504 on their smartphone via the Trokt Tracker.
  2. Data on performance, compliance, or support to be quickly entered from anywhere at any time.
  3. Each entry to open a new file where the data can be clarified, additional documents can be attached, and discussions can take place regarding the particular issue being addressed. The result of these mediated solutions could possibly be directly inserted during the next review – meaning no lessons lost between the time they were learned and the time they were recorded.


Trokt is a cloud platform that efficiently, accurately, and securely organizes complex collaborations. Trokt allows an IEP/504 team to:

  • Immediately access all the issues can context behind an IEP/504s from anywhere at any time.
  • Track the real time status of any element in each IEP/504.
  • Collect progress and compliance data via the Trokt Tracker mobile app.
  • Bring all parties together responding in real time to the real needs of each student.

Instead of a static document:

Old school IEPs

Trokt turns your IEP/504 process into a dynamic collaboration:

Modern IEP

Contact our team to collaborate on an IEP/504 in Trokt TODAY!

For more information, download our booklet on how Trokt helps make the IEP/504 process collaborative!

As a parent, you only have one chance to give your children every opportunity to succeed in life. But you are not in it alone. Your teachers want to provide the classroom your child needs, your specialists want to see every child succeed, and the school administrators want to see every class reach its potential. The current IEP/504 process does not serve those in need, because the tools being used take too much time, allows for too many errors, and takes too many people away from what they want to do:

Ensure everyone is heard. Ensure every student succeeds. 

Give your community a voice. Bring Trokt into your community so that your child – and every child from here on out – has an opportunity to receive the educational support that is best for them.



Meet our Team

Breanna Owen

Breanna Owen

IEP/504 Team Lead |

Breanna is responsible for helping you use Trokt to turn a dizzying IEP/504 process into a collaborative partnership between parents, specialists, administrators, and educators.

A skilled marketer with experience in B2C sales, and is focused on applying the Trokt platform to IEP/504 management. Breanna served in management at GAP Inc before joining Trokt in 2017. Prior roles included marketing, management, and direct sales roles with the Interior Design Group and Premier Designs.

Breanna is a native of Indianola, Iowa, and received her B.A. in Management from William Jewell College.

Natalie Berkowitz

Natalie Berkowitz

IEP/504 Specialist |

Natalie Berkowitz is a subject matter expert helping parents who are using Trokt to make sure the interests of their child are fully supported using any appropriate resource available in his or her district.

Natalie primarily serves as a student and family IEP advocate, tutor, curriculum developer for parents within the Des Moines metropolitan area. Her expertise includes well executed IEP/504’s, educating parents on their rights at an IEP/504 meeting, follow through of IEP, and use of school resources to improve their parent/student/teacher relationship.

Prior to her focus on IEP/504 support, Natalie supported both Wyzant and MindSpree. In 2014, Natalie was designated as one of the Top 100 Tutors for Wyzant out of 75,000 candidates, and during 2015 and 2016, she supported the rollout of Ed-Tech startup MindSpree.

Natalie is a 1998-99 alumnus of the U.S. Peace Corp, she received her B.A. in Communicative Disorders/Speech Pathology from California State University – Long Beach, and her M.A. in Secondary Science Education-Biology from the Teachers College of Columbia University.


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