We’ve relied on Yellow Pad Man for too long. Trokt eliminates the need for the endless emails, voicemails, and missed meetings that lead to reply-all errors, document management errors, and case management errors – errors that now result in cancelled memberships.

Trokt misdirected docs

How is Trokt Better?

Trokt is the base collaboration platform where large efforts – from collective bargaining to policy development, to MOU negotiation to issue tracking – are parsed into a series of section-by-section solutions. The platform allows you to track the history of each section in any contract, policy, or issue, notifies any collaborator to each specific change, and locks down any section that has been agreed to by all parties, so nothing can accidentally change.


Trokt to Tracker Relationship

Trokt Tracker is an app that puts access to any contract, policy, or guidance document held in Trokt in the palm of every member’s hand, lets anyone submit an issues associated with any section of any document, and instantly creates an online, Trokt collaboration space that includes all stewards, reps, or specialists where any work based on the submission is tracked in a effective, accurate, and secure manner towards resolution.

Trokt’s Specific Value

From collaboration to tracking, Trokt and Trokt Tracer put the power into your members’ hands. For example, The process of collaboratively developing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is inefficient and unsecure. Trokt is a communication tool that can be used within the current MOU development process to reduce paperwork burden, keep confidential data controlled, and keep the entire bargaining or support team fully informed in real time. To use Trokt:

Trokt MOU Negotiation

Alternatively, Reporting on current or common practices in the workplace can quickly become a paperwork nightmare, and typically results in data gaps that open the results up to challenges. Trokt Tracker reduces the paperwork burden on reporting, keeps confidential data controlled, and keeps the entire bargaining and support teams fully informed in real time. To use Trokt Tracker:

Trokt Tracker for issue tracking

A Simple Solution, Simply Priced

We are a cloud-based solution available at cloud prices. You can customize Trokt as much as you want. Or you can make your Union stronger in less than two weeks for as little as $588/year and $0.49/member per month. Whether you serve 20,000 members or 20, Trokt multiplies the power of your Union for less than 1% of your member dues.

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Don’t Risk It… Trokt It!


Meet our Team

Chris Draper

Chris Draper

Managing Director | chris.draper@trokt.org

Chris is responsible for helping you understand how Trokt can help securely reduce the time it takes for a contract to move from template, through collaboration, to signature – all in one cloud-based platform.

An operations specialist with decades of human factors experience, Chris can help you understand how Trokt gives your team more hours while eliminating any risk of data breaches.

Joe Vande Kieft

Joe Vande Kieft

Enterprise Solutions | joe.vandekieft@trokt.org

Joe is responsible for delivering you enterprise or white label options which allow your company to integrate our collaboration solution into your security architecture.

A technology strategist with decades of development experience installing systems to protect sensitive data, Joe can help you understand the challenges and opportunities associated with your data security requirements.


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