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Trokt Platform

The Trokt Platform helps teams communicate more efficiently while eliminating unintended data breaches. Hover over any buttons or feature below to learn more.

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See a block by block status of who agrees, and where you have sticking points.

Brainstorm ideas, reply to comments, and develop solutions collaboratively.

Manage process announcements to everyone, or any specific team.

Attach any type of file for any teams or all teams to review.

Agree lets teams lock a document down block by block until everyone is done.

Discuss a specific draft or proposal by sharing notes that remain secure with the intended recipient.

Always know what document you are in, and quickly know who is collaborating on the other side.

Manage teams and permissions in settings.

Know how close everyone is to agreement any time in real time.

Click on the collaboration bar to see a block's draft history.

Target tracked changes between any drafts at any time.

Click on any draft to edit, like, or share it with other teams.

Edit any selected draft in a web-based word processor.

Let teams identify what they like when picking between different drafts.

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Trokt only charges you for active documents, so if you're done, save money by archiving.

Make a document public so it can be used in a Trokt Frame.

Organize your documents into folders.

Include any number of teams with any number of team mates into any document for no additional cost.

Pick the notification level that is right for you on each document.

Add team members individually, or as a whole group.

Adding a new team leader or team member is as easy as entering their email.

Voting teams must agree before a document is finalized, with team voting settings allowing any document to mimic any type of dispute resolution structure.

Trokt audit files track every action based on user name, date, time, and IP address

Deleting internal content creates a clean copy with no work product history, delete removes the document entirely, both with all reasonable efforts taken to seek and destroy any copies stored anywhere in the cloud.

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